1994 Batch #6 – Pablo’s Extra Stout


Everyone seemed to love my beer, and I offered to make the beer for my sister’s wedding. This was the first beer that made it to Sue and Jon’s wedding beer list.

The last consistent refinements were to start using gelatin finings in secondary to clarify the beer and reduce yeast sediment in the bottles, and experimenting with gypsum in the boil for the British styles.

  • 1 lb Roasted barley steep
  • 6.6 lb Munton&Fison Light liquid malt extract
  • 8t Gypsum
  • 1.0 oz Chinook (45 mins)
  • Edme ale yeast rehydrated in 1 cup water

Primary 4 days

Secondary 7 days with gelatin finings

Bottled with 1/2 cup corn sugar