About Pablo

Pablo's Hand Brewed Beer Label

I credit my early appreciation for good beer to my Dad, as he often brought home “something different to try” from his travels. Because of this I often drank different beer from most of my friends. I preferred beers with a little more flavor (when I could afford them).

The next phase of my beer education, and the birth of Pablo’s, began on Christmas Day 1993, when my wife Regina and daughter Eileen gave me a homebrew kit with a free class from The Whip and Spoon in downtown Portland, Maine. On January 2nd, 1994 I brewed that first batch, and within a few short weeks it was ready to drink. The kit was pretty well thought out with good instructions, and resulted in a great first beer.

I was hooked hard and many different brews followed, including 7 beers that I made especially for my sister Sue’s wedding to Jon later that same year.

Around 2005 I stopped home brewing, but I continued to enjoy good beer. Then in July 2013 my wife and I visited friends in the Chicago area and we had access to some really great beer. Two of our friends were just about to begin their home brewing journey, and those beer and homebrew discussions made me realize how much I missed home brewing.

I have enjoyed returning to making beer, mead, and cider, and sharing my knowledge of the process with others on the interwebs.

I hope you will come along for the ride.

Best Regards,

Paul Smart – aka “Pablo”

Pablo's Summertime Swill